Friday, 30 June 2017

If this is my last day.

If this is my last day
shouldn't I be out of my house
letting my skin absorb its last ray? 

Tell me what would be worse
strolling about in meadows green
or an hour long session with a life nurse? 

If today is the last am seen
I'd love to touch your core
with a teary sorry for when I was mean

Oh like a lioness I'd love to roar
so the whole world drowns in my song
for you of me to have more

And in death's stare, you who has done me wrong
are a speck of sand in the desert
a minority i majored in, a crowd i could never belong

And maybe am someones brat
but if this is my last day
I'd love to dole out the gold in me to a church rat
as I let my skin absorb its last ray. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


They cry "beautiful, beautiful”
And I cringe
Grateful for myopia
As I tighten my turban
Who dare calls a thing so imperfect

O Woman.

Amazing Shots

An abyss of peace
Is the mirror to your soul
O woman

Hunch backed
Or fully curved

Your presence
Is unto itself, peace

Serenade peace
Swarm us
As we pluck strings
Of our modern harps
O woman

Leaping with joy
In pride we cry

Your presence
A coat of sugar
When calm sets foot
A coat of mail
When war rages
Unhinging our doors

O woman
Our destinies
You shape.
Mightily gentle
You serenade peace
O Woman. 

Saturday, 24 June 2017


You trifle with mortality
shun her kisses
dismiss her with another sip
of liquor
oh manny
you are running straight
to deaths conference.
An appointment
you should be less eager
to attend.