Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Moving Out.

We spend a lot of time quizzing our minds over what and how, where and when we are going to get out of our parents homes. (Millineals do you copy?) This is a 21 century conflict in the mind of many a young adult. We want to be responsible citizens, but dont want to waddle out of our caretakers houses and fall on our faces. Worse still is the whimpering back tail between legs option.
How do we go about the delicate business of stepping out into the cold frozen world? How do we adjust to receiving hate from strangers? How do you manage living from paycheck till your income stabilizes? How will you shop for household items and still have enough money left over for your bank account?
1. Research
This is paramount. Research about rent, and security in the place you are planning to settle in. How far from the important services like main roads, hospitals, banks etc will you be? Get to know what you will need when it comes to furniture and d├ęcor, let for now Pinterest become your best friend. Ask the people in that area about the amount of noise, chemical and dust pollution you might have to endure.
2. No Body is your mama
Jennifer Lopez gave you solid advice with her aint your mama hit. Pick a leaf from the song or borrow the whole goddamn tree. Step out with zero expectations. Fairy tales of kind strangers, helpful children and warm old people are just fairy tales. Expect a cold, hungry uncaring world but prepare to give the warmth you want to receive. Be kind the way you want strangers to be kind to you. Be hospitable and help who ever needs it because you know better and you want better. Give whatever you want to receive.

3. Live and let live
When you were lounging on your papa’s couch sometimes your hardest chore was to watch what everyone was up to. You sat down, got updates through hour long gossip sessions and basically forced your nose in business that was never yours to begin with. Out here it’s a bit not like that. You MUST stick to your lane. Trying to know why your neighbor is taciturn might end your life. Even helping a stranger may backfire horribly. Out here you are your mother and your father protect yourself the way they would. Stay out of businesses where you earn no profit.
4. Work Hard
A very close friend of mine shares with me the words his grandmother left him now and then. One of the old wise womans' sayings was, “When you leave home,work hard enough to just visit now and again,never to come back and stay”. Whatever work,art or industry you pick interest in doesn’t matter. What matters is get that job and keep it. Keep it,grow at it and fly in your career. The core reason of leaving your parents house
There are other things you ought to consider before you step out. You can share them with me in the comment section of this blog or send me mail at siimejeresi@gmail.com